Board of Directors

Mikhail Venikov, Founder & CEO

Mikhail is no stranger to the struggles that can occur while transitioning from military to civilian life. A veteran of the Second Army Ranger Battalion and winner of the prestigious and physically demanding Army Best Ranger Competition in 2006, he is all too familiar with the challenges one can face in the midst of life-altering changes. Ranger Road is his answer to finding and restoring the importance of brotherhood, teamwork, and family for all brothers and sisters who have lived their lives in service to our country. As a former MMA fighter and someone who prides themselves on physical health and fitness, Mikhail marries that with the importance of mental health as well, thus giving way for the foundation of the numerous programs Ranger Road implements for veterans. As if running an entire non-profit weren’t enough, Mikhail is also an officer with the San Mateo Police Department. In his rare but ever precious spare time Mikhail enjoys fishing, wakeboarding, riding motorcycles and picnicking with his family. He is married to his best friend, Eileen, and together they pursue their passion of assisting the veteran community. As an adopted mantra, Mikhail knows that nothing happens on its own, but Together We are Strong!

Eileen Venikov, Vice Chairman

A Seattle native, Eileen was no stranger to the corporate world. She excelled in a number of leadership positions but she knew something was missing. When her husband Mikhail created Ranger Road, she ended her career to co-found the organization and strive for its success. She felt (and still feels!) so strongly that if Ranger Road succeeds, so do we as a community. Eileen stays motivated knowing that even the slightest kind gesture can change someone’s life, and the veterans she has come to know are a living testimony to that fact. Eileen has an easy-going personality and enjoys nothing more than hiking, picnicking, leisure sailing, and scuba diving. All with her family by her side.

Joseph Venikov,

Joseph has a background in wrestling and enjoys outdoor sports and activities in addition to heavyweight lifting. He loves to work but also enjoys opportunities to lounge around. His favorite date is ordering in and watching Marvel movies. A self-described “total badass,” he also enjoys candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. (Just kidding!) He is happily married to his wife Karina, and together they love to shop and eat.

Ruth Venikov,

A self-described neat freak and perfectionist, Ruth feels right at home as the secretary for Ranger Road. Her experience comes from over 5 years of volunteer work with Light of the World and Joseph Ministries, where she is a Sunday School teacher and helps with administrative work. Ruth currently works as a Diagnostics Sonographer for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and it is the combination of her career and volunteer work that enables her to fulfill her sense of dedication and promise of providing aid to those in need. When she’s not working or volunteering, you can find her enjoying the outdoors and basking in the warm, sunny California weather. Ruth strives to live her life as a good example to her six gorgeous nieces.