Mission Statement

Bring veterans together through extraordinary experiences by empowering the transition to the next chapter of their life.



Ranger Road is a nonprofit charity providing veterans the necessary tools to be successful during the crucial transition from military to civilian life. It was founded by Army Ranger, MMA fighter and Police Officer, Mikhail Venikov. Ranger Road believes the bond and camaraderie created in the military is truly special and an experience only those who have served are able to grasp an understanding of.

By pushing towards lasting solutions that bring veterans with and without disabilities together with civilians, we can be part of a community and support system that thrives on community involvement, physical and emotional wellness. The activities and programs developed have been proven to help veterans handle stress, lower rates of anxiety and depression, and improve the overall wellness of the veterans.

In order to assist our veterans we need your help! By supporting Ranger Road you are supporting innovative, result-oriented programs, and increasing public education and participation.



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