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Alejandro Jauregui

Alejandro would have loved the chance to jump out of a plane at least one more time. Thanks to a friend of his who was familiar with Ranger Road, he got that opportunity when he attended his first skydiving event hosted by the non-profit in 2015. He’s been a part of the Ranger Road family ever since! A self-described ambassador for RR and Program Manager of the Skydiving program and events, Alejandro is on a mission to widen the community of military amputees while also working to bring in potential donors. He, too, once missed the feeling of brotherhood that is so strongly felt in the military, and as he continues to find that in RR he feels compelled to bring that feeling back for others too. He says there is no better feeling than to see a vet who thinks their life is over because of an injury and then getting them to go skydiving, complete a Spartan Race, or get into a race car and seeing the spark re-ignite in their life. 

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