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The function of this program is to help anybody who needs it in finding mental health resources in their areas, wherever they may live across the United States. It’s also my function to offer general information about PTSD and any other mental health issues that are brought into focus.

While I cannot offer psychotherapy with any member personally because of ethical constraints, I can offer such general information in the form of psychoeducation. Many people don’t really know what PTSD is, other than what they hear in the popular media.

It is also my function to remove the stigma that is often felt by veterans who ask for such help. Veterans and first responders are trained to think of everybody else first and themselves last, so the very idea of asking for help for themselves often brings about feelings of guilt and shame. 

The way I think of these feelings is that there is no difference between asking for help as a civilian, and asking for backup and reinforcement in a battle. Both are exactly the same, resulting in the preservation of life. Donate to Doc's Corner

Program Manager
Dr. Andrew Berry

Andrew “Doc”Berryis a psychologist and psychoanalyst, and he practices in Niskayuna, New York. He is a subject matter expert, specializing in PTSD and other mental health needs of veterans and first responders. He has published on this topic as well as lecturing across the country at analytic Institutes, and both national and international conferences. He is a Past Board of the World Federation for Mental Health, and is a Past Regional Vice President of North America (2019-2021) as such. He is a Distinguished Practitioner and Fellow of the National Academies of Practice as well as a Fellow of the American Board of Clinical Psychology and American Board of Counseling Psychology.He completed an associate’s degree (A.A.) in 1987 at Schenectady County Community College, a bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from the University at Albany In 1989, his first master’s degree (A.L.M.) from Harvard University Extension School in 1992, and his first doctorate (Ph.D.) from The Union Institute and University in 1998. He also completed a second master’s degree (M.A.) and a second doctorate (Psy.D.) from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in 2005 and 2007, respectively. He is also board-certified twice, in Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology, by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP.) Lastly, he completed a four-year certificate in the Division I psychoanalytic training program from the William Allison White Institute, in New York City in 2012.He has taught psychology classes at the community college for approximately 10 years. He is a volunteer fire fighter and EMT with Niskayuna District 2, as well as being a proud Freemason.

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