Our Mission

The Shadow Arts Program of Ranger Road works with high risk veterans and pushes them to reincarnate the warrior within. We provide a gym membership at a local Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym and push each other with the buddy system.

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Robert Foster

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Brain Health

Veterans Affairs Research is finding similar symptoms in CTE, Alzheimer's, TBI, and PTSD brains post-mortem. With Shadow Arts, we're taking our cues from the Neuroscience community and tailoring this program around how they have demonstrated successful results. Traumatic Brain Injuries suffered by our veterans cause microglia activation and tau protein build up. The research is clear that the best way to combat these inflammatory response is through diet, exercise, interaction with others, and learning new things. 
 Dealing with new challenges with old school solutions. 

Ranger Road Grey Shorts

Ranger Road Grey Shorts

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Are you a veteran ready to get in the gym? You can also sign up here.

Do you want to volunteer or become a sponsor? Email us at Shadowarts@rangerroad.org to get started and we can answer any questions.