Ranger Road Fundraisers

Fundraising Manager
Tobey Wagman

 I am from Massachusetts originally but currently live in California with my family.  I have 2 beautiful boys  who are on the Autism Spectrum, each one is unique and challenges me every day. One is studying to be a mechanical engineer at  Fresno State, one is in the Fire Academy . Raising smart, thoughtful, well rounded, productive, respectful young men is easily the greatest accomplishment I have.  

My involvement with Ranger Road started with Sua Sponte Design. The owner, George,   is a former Army Ranger and was in the same platoon with Mikhail, Ranger Roads Founder. When I started working at Sua Sponte Design Ranger Road was one of our clients that I got the pleasure of working with. After I got to know Mikhail and Ranger Road, I knew that I wanted to be involved as I come from a long line of veterans and the mission of Ranger Road is something I wholeheartedly believe in.  Here at Ranger Road my role is to manage the product fulfillment and creation of apparel, stickers, and other branded products for sale for each Ranger Road division. I also send out the care packages to veterans and to Walter Reed.  I Manage all of our contacts, as well as the release and waiver forms.  Aside from the store, the gear, the contacts and waivers I also am the Fundraising Manager and as of 2022 am leading the Freedom Jump Event. 

 In addition to the work I do with Ranger Road I am also a licensed Cosmetologist and have been for over  25 years. I am also a certified Postsecondary instructor in the field of Cosmetology, a licensed Bail agent, Bail bond Company owner  and 1299 compliant Fugitive recovery agent in the State of California, I am also registered with the Department of Insurance as a Bail Educator,  and a licensed Insurance agent for Health and Life, I hold a degree majoring in Graphic Design. I sit on the Board of 2 other charities: the Miner Foundation and El Diamante Bands Boosters.

Not sure where to start?

Email us at Tobey@rangerroad.org for more information on how to get started.