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The goal at Gibborim Rifle Project is to support the veteran community with true grit. Ranger Road Gibborim Rifle Project put rifles in the hands of warriors who deserve it. Not only that, we would like to be there from start to harvest. Build a rifle for a deserving veteran and then assist him/her with putting some meat in his/her freezer with the help of another Ranger Road program, Rustic Healing. We truly believe that #togetherwearestrong.

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Program Manager
Gavin Maxwell

I served in the Marine Corps as an 0311 from 2005 to 2009. Stationed out of Camp Horno on Camp Pendleton I did my time with Third Battalion First Marines, 3/1 Balls of the Corps. After serving with some of the most honorable men on the planet I decided to get out of the military and start my life as a family man with my high school sweetheart. Today we reside in the central United States and enjoy our time with the family and love getting out in the beautiful outdoors. I truly enjoy hunting, weapons, and helping people and by the grace of God and the support of my amazing family and friends, I’m doing my best to live this life God's blessed me with to the fullest.

      It all started with an honest humble thought of, “ Man that sounds like a lot of fun but not for me, one of my brothers who gave more deserves it more than me.… I wonder if John would like that?”           

      Back at the end of 2018, I heard about a program called BSVOA which stands for Big Sandy Veterans Program Outdoor Adventures. This is a nonprofit outreach started by some cattle ranchers, outdoorsmen, just good ol’ folks out in Colorado, some veterans themselves. They select a small number of very blessed veterans to hunt on their ranches in eastern Colorado for an entire year. They provide pretty much everything you need from hunting licenses, places to stay, One on one help and assistance with harvesting game from start to finish if wanted, and some of the best hospitality and Conversation you can get in Colorado. Not to mention they truly have a passion for what they are doing for the veteran community. Well, I heard about this program from a good friend and hunting buddy and I thought it sounds like a lot of fun and this is right up my alley but I didn’t believe I deserved it. I figured you need to be a more “disabled“ veteran to partake in such an amazing opportunity so I immediately thought of one of my brothers I served with John Peck. John became a quadruple amputee when he crawled over an IED while serving with Third Battalion First Marines. You see John is a fighter though, a true warrior. He received a bilateral arm transplant in 2016 and has since gained the function of his “gently used arms” as he calls them and is taking life by the balls to this day. You can read more about John’s story in his book Rebuilding Sergeant Peck. Anyways, I called John and asked him if he would be interested in hunting. His response “yes I’ve never really hunted, I shot weapons in the Marine Corps obviously but I’ve never hunted. But I don’t have a rifle.” Well, that’s where this all started. 

    Through the grace of God, lots of hard work, outstanding donors, and the help of companies and folks in the firearms and hunting communities this whole thing started. We built John one awesome rifle! But we’re not stopping there.

We are teaming up with another Ranger Road program, Rustic Healing, and we are getting him out on some hunts so he can get some trigger time with his new arms. Not only that, we are hoping to do this indefinitely. Pick a veteran, build a rifle, harvest game, and hopefully with the support of you, me, and folks in the industry we can continue to do this into the future. 

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