This program is designed to get Veterans back out in nature. Events take place in locations all over America to include but not limited to Georgia, Colorado, Texas and more. Rustic Healing put together hunting trips for deer, pigs, mountain lions, antelope and more!! If you are interested in outdoor fun, please sign up here.

Program Manager
Kyle Sayre

Kyle enlisted in the Army after High school, to become a combat engineer. Kyle’s first duty station was Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. Kyle was assigned to 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. While there Kyle continued his training in tank range operations, close quarters combat training, long range marksmanship training and more. During that time he was also assigned to West Point Academy to train the cadets. Kyle was deployed to Iraq. While on deployment as a lead gunner doing a route clearance Kyle’s vehicle was hit by an rigged artillery shell buried 20 feet below the road. The vehicle rolled over seven times, during the roll overs the 50 Gal machine gun broke loose and crushed Kyle’s leg. After seven limb salvage surgeries in October of 2011 Kyle became an amputee. Kyle retired from the Army April 23 2012. “I have no regrets and I am proud that I was able to serve my country. I think the highlight of my life is being part of something so huge and it allows me to be of service and help disabled veterans. It’s amazing that I can drastically change their life in a positive way! I am proud to serve my country and to help.”

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