Urijah Faber's Team Alpha Male

Urijah Faber's Team Alpha Male has become the top fight team, a title awarded at both the 2013 and 2014 MMA Awards. With over 30 professional fights, our men & women veterans are able to work out alongside and obtain the best physical fitness training one can obtain. TAM provides free & discounted training for our veterans..

Ultimate Fitness

Our veterans train at the brand new Ultimate Fitness Gym located at 6700 Folsom Blvd Sacramento, CA 95819. If you are a veteran who is interested in working out, please contact us HERE.


Google has partnered with Ranger Road by providing advertising and project fundraising services. Google supports the mission of Ranger Road to assist veterans in the transition from military to civilian life. 

Salvetti Group

Assists Ranger Road with various veteran programs and events. 

Ridge Capitol Inc.

Assists Ranger Road with various veteran programs and events to include Project Moving Forward.  Ridge Capitol has made it possible for our wounded war heroes at Walter Reed Hospital to receive assistance through Ranger Road.

Memorial Wraps

Works with Ranger Road to build/maintain their website that allows their audience to engage, fill-out forms, sign-up for newsletters, chat instantly with Ranger Road members and keep up-to-date with new programs and events.

Ghilotti Construction

Assists Ranger Road with various veteran programs and events to include our annual skydiving event.  Ghilotti construction has been a big factor in assisting our veterans through Ranger Road.

Heller Pacific

Assists Ranger Road with various veteran programs and events.


Amazon works with Ranger Road in providing .5% of purchases made through Amazon using AmazonSmile to Ranger Road. Please click here to find out how! 

Mission Volant

Mission Volant helps provide Ranger Road volunteers and experts to come out to skydiving events and jumps with our disabled veterans.

The Darby Project

Ranger Road and The Darby Project work together in assisting veterans in need. The Darby Project reaches out to Ranger Road when they come across any veterans who are looking for a lending hand through their transition out of the military.

                      Armageddon Gear

Assists Ranger Road with our annual GA Pig/Quail hunt

Inspiration RX

Inspiration RX flys in every year to skydive with Ranger Road's disabled veterans. They also perform the American flag jump.


Ranger Road and iFly are partnered together to ensure the lives of our veterans and their families are fulfilled by enjoying indoor skydiving. iFly will be providing 20% to veterans who are part of Ranger Road..

Diamond D

Assists Range Road with our annual skydiving event 

Patriots for Veterans

This amazing nonprofit partners with Ranger Road and provides free hunting trips and experiences for or war heroes.

Spartan Race

Assists Ranger Road by providing slots for our disabled veterans participating in the race.

Lalo Tactical provides Ranger Road veterans with shoes and other gear wile participating in various outdoor activities